History and culture

Sicily is full of architectural treasures that have withstood the ages. In our guided tour you will be sightseeing the main cities visiting piazzas, markets, churches and much more. You’ll experience the baroque style and taste the authentic Sicilian specialties. Panelle, arancini, and cannoli, almond biscuits and wine. You can decide to visit the Valley of the Temples, the coastal cities or the famous mosaic-tiled Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte, it is up to you. We will make it happen!

The Streets of Sicily

Travel to Sicily

Traveling to Sicily means also to discover the birthplace of many great figures, such as Archimedes, or you can enjoy visiting the film locations of one of the most famous movies: The Godfather. When the tour is over, you can relax with a granita and typical Sicilian brioche at a local bar.

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