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Taking a historical tour in Italy may be overwhelming if not planned properly, so here we have collected the best info for you to take the most out of your historical Italian vacation. In Italy the historical tour can take you through classical Greek and Roman ruins, Renaissance paintings, Baroque architecture, but there is even much more to explore. When you are escorted by well-informed and engaging guides it will almost be as if you were walking through time and space. 

The Vatican City

Ancient populations

Only expert tour operators can guide you through the artistic highlights and historic sites of cities like Rome, Florence, Pompeii, Naples, Agrigento, and many others. You will walk through an inspirational exploration of the cities’ past, from the ancient times through the Italian Renaissance and the modern age. You’ll see with your eyes the remains of what was the daily life of the citizens of the past, while admiring the art and the architecture that made ancient populations rise and flourish, before they left their mark in the world for us to stand in awe.

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