Pizza, Pasta and Love

Of course pizza and pasta are the first words you would think of when talking about Italian food, but we all know there is so much more in the Italian culinary world. When traveling, the ideal would be to dive in the local culture and the food by going beyond our limits, taste new flavors, and sense new smells. Italian cuisine offers this chance on a regular basis, when we go deeper in the regional dishes and local recipes.

Tasty food

Taste the real flavors

Although you can’t try everything all at once, tasting regional specialties or seasonal delicacies is not impossible. We can make it happen. From the cured meats to cheese, from the stews to the soups, you will see the different ways of cooking vegetables and preparing fruit, without forgetting our beloved cakes, desserts, pastries, the multiple ways to bake bread from the North to the South, and eventually, of course, we will not forget to take you to the places where you can get the best risotto, the perfectly cooked pasta and the traditional pizza.

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