Ancient influences

Italy own some of Europe’s most important history and architecture, cultural background and traditions. From Phoenician ruins to the XVI century architecture villas, passing through Rome’s unmatched memories literally written in stone. Tuscany and its medieval touch, along with Gothic and Renaissance style. Sicily and the classical Greek Valley of the Temples and Baroque styled Siracusa. Sardinia and its ancient and particular Nuraghe ruins.

Everyday life

Culture and traditions

Italian culture is found in the arts, the sense of family, the majestic architecture, the typical music and the healthy and tasty food everybody loves. Despite the stereotype of what is “typical Italian”, many ethnicities live in this country. Having most of the land touched by either the sea or other countries, Italian culture is enriched by influences coming from all over the world. Although Italian is the official language, there are a number of dialects that are spoken in the country as well as actual old languages rooted mostly in very folkloric and small old towns.