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Milano is a metropolis in the Italian northern region of Lombardy. It is well known for being the global capital of fashion and design. It hosts the national stock exchange market space, but it is also famous for being the capital of high-end restaurants, shop galleries and more. Its main cathedral Duomo di Milano  —with its gothic style structure, and the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie —where Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” is located, are the clear representation of Milan’s majestic importance and prestigious story through centuries of art and culture.

Milan Architecture

Travel to Milan

If you are planning on visiting Milan keep in mind that April, May or September, October are probably the best months of the year to enjoy the city at its best. These spring and fall months allow you to avoid the summer maniacally overcrowded Milan, but also you may avoid the crazy changing temperatures of the summer that can swing from over too hot to sudden cold after a by now typical summer thunderstorm.  Milan has two major airport and it is served also by a couple minor ones which are located not too far from downtown. To move around Milan you can easily hop on the metropolitana, tram, or simply choose the bus line that covers the area you want to visit.

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Why Milano?

Milano is not exactly a city where you can enjoy scenic views or particularly breathtaking sunsets, but the city has a lot to give. It is embellished by art, history, design, and yes, shopping is one of the main reasons tourists come and go. It is also in a strategic position as from Milano, you can easily reach Torino or Genova, even Venice and Bologna are a stone thrown and a couple of hours by train away.

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