Torre Lapillo chosen among the best beaches

Known as the Maldives of Italy, the beach in the Porto Cesareo area called Torre Lapillo is placed along the coast of white sand and shimmering turquoise waters. According to the Guardian, the British newspaper, this is one of the unknown beaches you may not have heard of and represents “a particularly eye-catching spot” where you’ll also find the 16th-century Tower of St Thomas.The location of Torre Lapillo is a Bay of three miles delimited by two ancient watchtowers. One of the whitest and finest sand of all Puglia, the sea water is a few inches deep for several feet starting from the coastline. That’s why it is considered the perfect place for family with babies or for people who want to relax. Many houses and villas are on the beach: the ideal times to go and visit are May, June and September, while in July and August there are a lot of Italian tourists and the beaches are quite crowded

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