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The restoration of the 86 casts found in 1863 in Pompeii is now completed thanks to the technique developed by Giuseppe Fiorelli. Starting May 27, twenty of them will be displayed at the Amphitheatre of Pompeii for the exhibition “Pompeii and Europe 1748-1943”, whose idea was led by architect Francesco Venezia. The restorers were able to put together members from a family group. On the tables, you will a mother and baby standing on his lap, a toddler of about two years and an adult struck by a beam. This group was found in the house of the “golden bracelet”. The first x-ray analysis also found that, within the plaster, casts preserved the entire bone structure of the victims, confirming the theory that the Pompeians died instantly, because of the glowing cloud of three hundred degrees which invested them.

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