Pavarotti Milano Restaurant Museum, a tribute to Big Luciano in Milan

“A tribute to a great man, an immense artist, a true Italian in gastronomic habits”: this is how the official website launched a museum and restaurant dedicated to the late Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti opened in Milan to coincide with Expo.


The Restaurant

The Pavarotti Milano Restaurant Museum is on the fourth floor of the trendy Piazza Duomo 21 lounge-restaurant premises overlooking the Lombard capital’s landmark cathedral. The restaurant stands in homage to the maestro and the man and especially to his love of the traditional cuisine of his native Modena in the neighboring region of Emilia Romagna. The menu includes some his favorite dishes, including tortellini and tagliatelle al ragù.

Tagliatelle al ragù

The food

The restaurant-museum includes an area dedicated to live music performances and photographs and other memorabilia linked to the artist who died in 2007 aged 71. The space is intended as a “moment for remembering Luciano. We remain Luciano’s family, we are united in trying to interpret his dreams and it’s not easy when a person is no longer alive. We are trying to do it without exaggeration, as he would have liked, keeping our feet on the ground”, his widow Nicoletta Mantovani said.

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