by Margie Miklas

The streets of Sicily is where you’ll find the real people, the locals who work hard and take pride in everything they do. They do it with a smile and in my experience, they always seem happy to engage in conversation. It’s never “just business.”Just a block away from our hotel in the center of Catania this Sicilian gentleman was set up for business in the street. I love how he used all surfaces of his vehicle for shelf space to display his fresh produce for the day. Fragole di Maletto, translates to Strawberries from Maletto. Maletto is a small town about 25 miles northwest of Catania, 3000 feet above sea level,  nestled on the slopes of Mt Etna. The strawberries are considered to be the most delicious in Italy, and in June a strawberry festival takes place in this hilltop town. The D.O.C. designation on the sign  is interesting to me.  Usually applied to wines and other products strictly regulated, I wonder if these strawberries from Maletto are also controlled. I love shopping like this in Italy. I’m sure many of you do too. Please share your stores here. I’d love to hear them. And any ideas about the D.O.C. configuration are most welcome.

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