Travel Guide: Milan

by GIULIA LOUISE STEIGERWALT  If you have visited Milan for Expo 2105, you might have wanted to take advantage of other attractions the city offers its guests. Some of these are well known, others are virtually unknown, and all are … Continued

Take a Dip in the Amalfi Coast

by Margie Miklas The Amalfi Coast is  one of the most stunning places in Italy. I could describe this stretch of coastline in so many ways: beautiful, magnificent, captivating, appealing, alluring, gorgeous, and wonderful. As you know by now, the … Continued

World Heritage Status for Pizza Napoletana

by Simone Schiavinato On the 7th of December, pizza Napoletana made it into the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List. A huge success for Italy, but also a huge success for the two million  people who supported its candidature throughout the world, … Continued